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This Something Like my diary only that is public and i sit here only at 1 or 2 in the morning for doing this. Here i'm going to express myself

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hating/Loving Summer 

What I Hate?

-Grand-grandfather's dead. RIP
-Being in my house all day 
-I haven't go to anywhere yet 
-ALL my cousins are out of the state; one is in Lebanon, the other one is in Miami, the other one is in Washington, and where am i? Oh Yeah i remember IN MY HOUSE.

What i Love?

-Reading; i got a tons of books to read 
-i'm going to go to Miami (MAYBE;other sad thing)
-Polyvore; a beautiful place where i can spend my day without a worry; But They can't give me a boyfriend .-.

*Some Extras 

I wish i have a boyfriend who i can pass the time but the thing is even if i had a boyfriend i can get out of my house because my dad don't let me go out :@. At this very moment i wish i had someone who i can cuddle with but i don't and that depress me :(. I Think i am too fat but when i start doing exercise or if i'm eating healthy i get tired and i give up :(.

Reviewing my post is kind of sad :S anyway that's it  

If  you'd please comment my sad life will get better :/

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